School History

When the school was built in 1929 it consisted of three rooms, two of which were used as classrooms, and two halls, which were used as cloakrooms. The third or ‘middle room’ was used as a lunchroom and hall. The classrooms were divided by partitions which could roll back. There was no water on the premises and the outdoor toilets involved a shed situated at the back of the school at the end wall.

In 1953 the school got electricity under the Rural Electrification Scheme.

In 1965 the Parent Association was formed and flush toilets and wash basins were installed into an outdoor toilet block.

In 1994 the parents undertook a fundraising project in order to make repairs and to improve the quality of life in the school generally. They cleaned up the school and prepared the middle room as a classroom for the third teacher. Painting and general repairs were part of the work done. Teaching materials were purchased and a much needed telephone was installed, carpets were also laid at this time.

In 1998 the school got a new wing which houses indoor toilets and a new cloakroom. The outdoor toilet block is now used as a storage space.

Work was carried out in the school during the summer of 2011. The old wooden partitions were taken down and the three old class rooms are now divided in to two bright spacious rooms Juniors to 1st and 2nd and 3rd classes..